10 Baby Must Haves For 0-12 Months

(a.k.a. things that you don’t necessarily NEED but SHOULD have anyway because they make life sooo much easier)

1. Baby Stroller Blanket Clips

Stroller Blanket ClipsUseful for: walks with the stroller when it’s sunny, windy, chilly, rainy, baby needs a nap, or any other situation that requires the use of a stroller blanket. These clips help the blanket stay put and not fly away / get pulled down by your baby / etc.

2. Piyo Piyo Formula Dispenser (Four Chamber)

Piyo Piyo Formula DispenserUseful for: formula-feeding on the go. It holds pre-measured powdered formula for up to four feedings, it’s very easy to pour thanks to the funnel top and it has cute little ducklings on the side. What more would you want from a formula dispenser? 😉

3. OXO Tot Dishwasher Basket

OXO Tot Dishwasher BasketUseful for: washing bottle nipples, sippy cup straws, baby spoons, various little parts. Still washing everything by hand so it wouldn’t get lost in your dishwasher? Fear not – it won’t if you use this handy little basket. Just put it on the top rack of your machine, and it will do the job for you. It will even hold the nipples and straws upright for a better clean.

4. Munchkin Sprout Drying Rack

Munchkin Sprout Drying Rack

Useful for: drying all the baby dishes, bottles, cups, bibs, etc. This drying rack holds up to 12 bottles and accessories (or more, depending on how you arrange them), it spins so you can easily get to everything and it looks cute on the countertop.

5. Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets

Teething TabletsUseful for: teething relief. One thing you can be 100% sure of: your baby WILL be teething at some point, no doubt about that. What is even better (ha ha, sarcasm here), your baby will be teething for the majority of her first two years of life. Not fun for anybody, but there are things you can do to make her feel better, such as offering her cold teethers, frozen bananas, teething tablets and, in extreme cases, baby Tylenol. For Baby Pumpkin, Hyland’s Teething Tablets seemed to do wonders. The key here is to give them to your baby BEFORE she gets too fussy and upset, and there is a good chance she won’t turn into a little teething monster.

6. Summer Infant Bibbity Rinse and Roll Portable Bib

Summer Infant Bibbity Rinse and Roll Portable Bib

Useful for: mealtime. Minimize the feeding mess with the help of Bibbity Bib! It wipes clean in seconds, it’s top rack dishwasher safe, and it has a large pocket to catch all the spills and food droppings. No more washing dozens of cloth bibs or cleaning food off the floors!

Bibbity Bib
Guess how much of the avocado ended up in the Bibbity Bib pocket?

7. Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib

Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved BibUseful for: very messy mealtime. Ok, Bibbity Bib is awesome, but sometimes there are times like this…

Messy baby eating spaghetti

These times call for a sleeved bib like Bumkins. It’s a little harder to clean then Bibbity but it covers most of the baby’s upper body (you still have to get spaghetti out of her hair and ears), it has a catch-all pocket and it’s machine-washable if needed.

Messy baby eating from the spoon
Wearing Bumkins Sleeved Bib in Butterflies

8. Suction toys such as Sassy Wonder Wheel or Sassy Fascination Station

Sassy Fascination StationUseful for: mealtime, stroller rides, air travel, restaurants. Basically, you can stick a suction toy on any smooth flat surface, and it will stay put. Of course, none of the suction toys are permanent and they will come off depending on how badly your baby wants them off, but they do stay on for awhile and sometimes it’s long enough to go through a restaurant meal. Get a couple of different ones because your baby will get bored with just one toy.

9. Carlson Vitamin D Baby Drops

Carlson Vitamin D Drops

Useful for: vitamin supplementation. Have you been told to use a dropper-full of a baby multivitamin just because you baby needs some extra vitamin D? If your baby is anything like mine, she probably hates the multivitamin, but she still needs her vitamin D. Well, Carlson Labs makes a tasteless odorless vitamin D drops, you need just one drop a day and you can put it anywhere – food, drink or directly on your nipple if breastfeeding. Done!

10. Baby carrier

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

Useful for: carrying baby around, walking, hiking, etc. I am planning on writing a long detailed post about all the different types of baby carriers I’ve tried, but to summarize I recommend BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle for younger babies (newborn – 6 months) and Beco Gemini Baby Carrier for a bit older babies (4 months + ). Stay tuned for a full review and comparison!

What are some of your personal must haves for baby’s first year? Please comment below!

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