Boppy vs My Brest Friend: nursing pillows review

Still pregnant with Baby Pumpkin, I kept hearing about something called “Boppy.” “You simply must have a Boppy!”, “Make sure you get your Boppy before she is born!”

What is this popular Boppy thing, I kept wondering until one day I saw it at Babies R Us. Simply put, Boppy is a nursing pillow for breastfeeding mothers (you probably already knew that).

Boppy Pillow with Slipcover:

Boppy Nursing PillowOf course, I had to get one (everybody kept telling me how important it was to have a Boppy!), and I couldn’t wait to test it out when my Pumpkin was here.

When, almost a week late, Baby Pumpkin finally made her appearance, I pulled the mysterious Boppy out of the closet and… using it proved to be a bit harder than expected. Nursing my baby on a Boppy pillow was definitely easier than without it, but it seemed to have a couple of unexpected issues. First, it didn’t stay wrapped around my waist if I had to get up and walk somewhere. Soooo… before sitting down to nurse I had to carry my Boppy with me in one hand WHILE carrying the baby in the other and juggle both the baby and the pillow while attempting to sit down in my nursing chair, wrap the pillow around my waist and place the baby on top of it… Not an easy task. It got better with practice, but the heavier the baby got, the more cumbersome this whole process of “carry the baby and the pillow and try to put the pillow around your waist while the baby is screaming for milk” became. It also didn’t sit high enough on my waist and was generally just a bit too loose around me, causing baby to roll inwards between my body and a Boppy. The fit of a Boppy is not adjustable, so if it’s too large or too small for your frame you are out of luck.

Shop online, earn gift cards!Don’t get me wrong, it was still much easier to use a Boppy than holding a 9-pound wiggling baby in my arms for a good half an hour, but I just kept wishing I could put (and keep) a Boppy around my waist before even picking up Baby Pumpkin from her bassinet. And then I saw My Brest Friend.

My Brest Friend Pillow:

My Brest Friend Nursing PillowUnlike Boppy, My Brest Friend (a clever word play on “My Breast Friend” and “My Best Friend”) features a wrap-around design. What it means is that you can put it on, buckle it, and it will stay put around your waist for as long as you like. You can walk around your house with it (handy if your baby fell asleep while nursing and you don’t want to wake her), put it on before picking up your baby, etc. It is not as soft and cushy as Boppy, but Baby Pumpkin didn’t seem to care, and it provided great support for all her nursing sessions until she outgrew the need for a pillow entirely. The fit of My Brest Friend is also fully adjustable, so it’s suitable for any body type.

Turns out, I needed my nursing pillow to have that wrap-around feature so I liked My Brest Friend a lot more in comparison to Boppy and ended up using exclusively My Brest Friend.

Propped on Boppy PillowKeep in mind however, that if you are planning on using your pillow for anything else other than breastfeeding, Boppy might be a better choice for you. Besides being a nursing pillow, Boppy is advertised as a perfect spot for propping, tummy time and learning to sit for older babies. I tried to use it in such ways a few times, but Boppy always seemed to be too large to be useful (granted, I have a tiny 15th percentile baby, so it might not be an issue for bigger babies).

It seemed to be way too tall to prop my baby up on it during either tummy time or back time, and when Baby Pumpkin was learning how to sit supported and, later, unsupported, the pillow was still so big around her that it didn’t really provide any additional support. Again, might not be the case with larger babies, but for us Boppy proved to be pretty much useless.

Using Boppy Pillow

In conclusion, if you are looking for a strictly nursing pillow, I highly recommend My Brest Friend. If you are looking to get more use out of your pillow besides just breastfeeding, Boppy might work better for you. If you just happen to get both at your baby shower – keep both 🙂

For those of us addicted to our nursing pillows – both Boppy and My Brest Friend have travel versions that you can keep in your car for on-the-go feedings, take with you on a trip, etc.:

My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow

Boppy Travel Pillow

I also highly recommend getting a deluxe version of either pillow or a separate deluxe slipcover (they are much softer than the originals):

Boppy Pillow with Luxe Slipcover

My Brest Friend Deluxe Pillow

Oh, and if you have twins (my hat goes off to you, momma), My Brest Friend is definitely the way to go – they make a version designed to support new mothers of breastfeeding multiples!

My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow:

My Brest Friend Twins Nursing PillowDo you prefer Boppy or My Brest Friend and why? I would love to hear from you, please comment below!

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  1. Funny, I didn’t like boppy pillow for opposite reasons – it didn’t fit around my waist at all, too small….. it didn’t seem any better than the free ones you get on the web… so i just used a regular pillow until my LO was big enough to sit in my lap…

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